Albert Hall 1997/2003

Two of the biggest concerts, after Cardiff, were the Yorkshire Cancer Research massed choirs at The Royal Albert Hall on 25.10.1997 and 1.11.2003. Transport and all the accommodation for participants, wives, family and supporters must have been tough to organise and expensive. Concerts of this type since have been held at Sheffield Arena.

Both trips included a half way comfort and refreshment stop at Stowe School.

Numerous rehearsals preceded the 1997 curtain-raiser at Huddersfield Town Hall, where conductor Roy Firth impressed with his enthusiasm and musical knowledge. The Examiner music critic was especially taken by the quiet passages in ‘Evening Pastoral’.

Bill Relton did both Albert Hall concerts. His trademark were wide bright red braces which got a cheer every time he put his thumbs behind them.

Sunday morning everyone busked down in Covent Garden.