Pieces from my playing days and from Christopher’s. A couple of short stories too.

This is a list of pieces, published and unpublished which have been tucked away in the Casuals site and need their own space as well. Just two or three duplications.

Unpublished pieces

Published Articles

Northern Cricket Society Journal

Mick Bourne commissioned any piece. I chose my experiences of cricket in the Bahamas, part of two weeks I spent with my family celebrating our daughter’s wedding. Booklet 2010, p8

Cricket in the Bahamas

Journal of The Cricket Society

 I met Derek Barnard when he came up to Huddersfield. Did he want some copy? “Send it me.” After the Pennine Cricket Conference 2009, I submitted a piece on friendly cricket and the journal accepted it. (2009)

Why Play Friendly Cricket?

Huddersfield Examiner

This was part of a series, illustrating the funnier side of getting older. I did one on cricket, based on the odd moments from Almondbury Casuals.  (2008)

Senior Cricket Moments

‘It’s a Great Day for Being a Boy,’ from ‘All in a Day’s Cricket: An anthology of outstanding cricket writing’ compiled by Brian Levison

Brian contacted kindly contacted me for a piece. I sent him a copy of ‘It’s Not Lord’s’ and he chose this. (2012)

Its a great day for being a boy

Almondbury Casuals CC

A gentleman’s cricket club, originating in the 1940s, but firmly rooted in the amateur traditions of the mid eighteenth century. ‘Cricket in Perspective 2’ covers history from 1981 to 2005, a follow up to Jim Netherwood’s ‘Cricket in Perspective 1’.  (2005)

Cricket in Perspective 2

Gentlemen, Gypsies and Jesters – A collection of chapters on wandering cricket clubs published by Fairfield Books. (2013)

Almondbury Casuals


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