Editorial Summer 2005

Thanks to Two Davids

The newsletter was started by David Illingworth and continued by David Haigh. An unscientific poll over the Llandudno weekend suggests they just got it about right. David Haigh’s last edition was particularly well received. Let’s hope we can keep the standard going.

Two Issues? Or More?

Frequency is a problem. Two issues a year and a lot of information is in danger of being out of date. This edition is about technique, design will come later.

The committee is supporting the newsletter’s development, for the moment at a distance. Thankfully money is not a problem.

But what is it? A diary? A reflection of choir opinion, culture and times? Gentle satire? Let us know what you think. It’s not possible to cover all events. Variety and freshness in both style and content is important.

Two Questions

Can we have two repertoires? A concert one we do with Elizabeth and do well. And a pub one, where Elizabeth is not involved and we don’t mind making a pig’s ear of? Could we transfer the good points from the concert repertoire – an agreed set of songs, how to pitch them, someone in charge, someone conducting?

We’ll never top the Tsunami concert. Is it time to try somewhere different to Llandudno?