Editorial 2003

David (Haigh or Illingworth) and I weren’t altogether clear about the purpose of the newsletter, so we thought we’d put together some ideas – are you paying attention? We’ll test you at the end.

David sees it as a way of describing what the choir do, in addition to singing that is, to an outside audience. New Mill Male Voice Choir is more than a group of choristers. It’s a social club, a travel club (foreign venues include Lake Garda, Prague and  Barcelona.  English venues include The Opera House Blackpool, London’s Albert Hall and Holmfirth Civic), a fitness club (cycling and walking), a drinking club, and a bowling club. This could act as an attraction to those reading who haven’t joined yet, those who think they might be able to sing and who fancy a few trips and a beer. Ability is no criterion for entry, but taking part is.

We have a terrific committee, second to none. They regularly let us know through the minutes what is going on, and we have our section leaders to give feedback. Could the newsletter complement this loop? It means people have to read of course, but they have to read the minutes.  What are the important questions?

Do you feel you have a voice (not singing)?

Do you feel the choir is going in the right direction?

Do you think the newsletter a good place to discuss issues in addition to your representative on the committee?

Any dirty washing need not apply.

So it could have an internal function, for members to discuss what they want, who they think the choir is and where it should aim.

Now the test. Have you read this? What does it say? Can you contribute?

David would welcome articles, especially about non-singing activities. Both of us would like to see some letters about the newsletter or about the choir.

David has promised to publish the best ones, haven’t you David?