The magazine had a life with me from 2005 to 2009. Prior to that it was the baby of Davids Haigh and Illingworth. For reasons that were never explained, my magazine was controversial. One choir member was even tasked with the job of trying to persuade me to abandon the mag in favour of a newsletter. “A good idea. Who is going to do it?” “You” came the reply. After man and boy in The NHS, I’ve done conflict and the dark side, so I stopped writing for the magazine. I continued writing in other areas such as blogger and Facebook both of which might get going a bit more now Tom’s book is out of the way (Dec 2016). Magazine articles have an (M).

View from the Back Row  2002

Editorial  2003.  Looking back to 2002, when Davids Haigh and Illingworth first began some writing, it was a newsletter they were after, albeit without a coherent purpose. Was it outward or inward looking? I eventually turned it into a magazine because I was interested in developing publishing skills, so a bit selfish then. Anyone could write on anything as long as it was to do with music.

Editorial Summer 2005 (M)

Editorial Winter 2005 (M)

New Mill News Elizabeth’s Editorial Summer 2006 (M)

The State of New Mill News Winter 2006 (M)

New Mill News Editorial Summer 2007 (M)

New Mill News Editorial Winter 2007 (M)

New Mill News Editorial Summer 2008 (M)

The Newsletter Summer 2009 (M)

AGM 2010