Ingleton 2014

Ingleton May 2014

Wednesday.  A long awaited trip to Ingleton, next in the sequence of trips to the Dales.

Geoff volunteered his car. What a thing! Battered and bruised on the outside, a mess on the inside. Red lights on and off, depending whether the heating was on or off. Squeaky windscreen wipers. Late braking from Geoff and the odd near miss. It’s an adventure, not an accident – yet.

Booth’s supermarket at Kirkby Lonsdale. Too many kids from school, clogging up the queues. Still great, but we preferred the local butcher. Cumberland sausage by the yard and pork chops by the gold standard. A bill of 31 pounds set the juices racing, but with the sausage there were 6 pork chops and a decent wedge of Stilton. Could be pork morning, noon and night.

First pub in Kirkby was the Red Dragon. A tutorial on open fires required. Beer okay. A loud mouth the bar, asking where people were from and what they were called. “I’d love to come. Can I have your phone number?” Mind your own business. Then a couple more fire-challenged pubs. 

I forgot to bring a towel. A few shops said no. Carr and somebody in the square said yes. Enough for three washes I said. 9 quid. Geoff then admitted there were a load of towels back at the flat. A  very nice flat too, owned by his daughter and her partner.

Pie from Hinchliffe’s and mushy peas with ham shank.  


Thursday. Ingleborough, good views once the clouds went higher. Quite challenging. Plenty of tents at Gaping Ghyll. Views of Morecambe Bay at the top. Great session in The New Inn at  Clapham. Great little barmaid who I had to avoid looking at when she stood on tiptoe to retrieve a fresh glass. Newly refurbished with a useful stone floor section next to the bar. Golden Pippin, several pints of. A bunch of Eastern Europeans came in for a drink. I bet loud mouth wouldn’t have asked them where they were from and what they were called. “Can I come and stay with you?” would have got a reply from a Kalashnikov. Cold Hinchliffe’s pie was great. The Punch Bowl where the food looked poor. We had a yard of Cumberland sausage and a mountain of chips, peas

and stuffing.






Friday. Feizor, Stainforth, Settle and back to Feizor. Early rain and cold. Ribble in full spate. A pint at the Lion in Settle. Giggleswick and Scar – sun came out and windy. Chops for tea after a visit to the Punch Bowl.