Llandudno 2006

LLandudno 2006

It can get a bit dark at rehearsal down the baritone end. Brian Pollard arrived one night with

a miner’s lamp firmly fixed to the middle of his forehead. Effective but weird.

How many choristers does it take to construct the musical director’s dais? One? two? three?

I can’t count above three so let’s say it was a lot.

The meal at Heckmondwike Golf Club was excellent. And Elizabeth’s address hit just the

right notes.

Ged Faricy writes. During a regular game of pool last Monday I casually mentioned that

Marilyn and I were celebrating our wedding anniversary over the bank holiday weekend.

David Haigh asked politely, “Are you doing anything special?” “Yes, we’ve booked a quiet

romantic trip to Llandudno – at Osbourne House on the front, dinner at the at the famous St

Tuddno’s Restaurant next door but one.” David’s jaw dropped, “But it’s our wedding

anniversary that same weekend and Chris and I have booked a quiet romantic weekend in

Llandudno and we are staying at St Tuddno’s on the front.” The pool stopped and a minutes

silence ensued while it sank in. Neither of us had any inkling of the others plans.

What’s the ‘probability’ of the following? (Answers to Clive next Tuesday please)

 Same birthday – Jan 19th

 Same wedding anniversary – the Saturday of the May bank holiday

 Both choosing the same location to celebrate

 Both Joining NMMVC 12+ years ago

 Both first tenors

 Both runners and general keep fit enthusiasts

Is there more in this astrology theory than mumbo jumbo? By the way we each had a great

weekend, the four of us just meeting up briefly late on the Friday night to toast our joint


Romantically yours

Ged and David

I wonder why Paul looks so very pleased with himself? I guess what happens on tour stays

on tour. On the other hand, Rod looks has if he’s been hit by a bus. Well he might. Because

he hasn’t the first clue about cricket. He thinks all the athletic fielding and bowling and all

the concentration it takes to bat can’t be up to much. ‘Nothing ever happens – how hard can

that be?’ he asked me. The answer was not pretty – he needs to get out more.

Llandudno Musical Highlights included:

Anne did an outstanding ‘Homage to Mozza’ – a piano sonata of Beatles tunes.

Anne and Elizabeth did two duets, one ear- achingly out of tune (‘The Way You Look

Tonight’) and one fooling around with a tea-towel.

The climax was musical ‘Petit Fours’, introduced with gravitas and authority by Jim.

And the last laugh – Clive and Elizabeth’s long running piano-playing gag. It hasn’t palled