New Mill News Editorial Winter 2005

Welcome to the second new style newsletter. It has been a busy time for the choir since the last publication and this is reflected in the current issue. The editorial team was pleased with the response to our first effort and now that people have seen what we would like to do, it has taken far less bullying to get contributions. We are particularly pleased to have articles written from outside the choir, such as the review of the Banbury Lions gig by Joy and Ross.

We don’t however want to limit things to reports of choir events and happenings. Most of us will have been at these and it will be a little boring. In a group of fifty plus (number not age) men there will be a rich seam of interests, ideas and opinion that we should tap for the newsletter. Contributions on anything you feel interested enough to write about will be welcome. Pick a contentious subject if you want; religion of politics for example, some experience you have, or something you are passionate about.