New Mill News Elizabeth’s Editorial Summer 2006

Sat for lunch at Llandudno, someone asked the question, ‘How do you measure success?’

Following Sir Willard, the question becomes a little more than academic. So I asked Elizabeth.

In our reflections on the concert with Sir Willard White we shall surely define it as hugely successful evening. David asked me what I thought constitutes success for NMMVC.

There is no doubt in my mind that the team effort is the key. Each member enhances the choir by their enthusiasm, loyalty, friendship and personality. We fail in our ethos if we are musically first rate but uncomfortable with with each other.

In rehearsal, as we bring new and varied music into our repertoire, there is an enthusiasm to master technical difficulties. Your questions show a concern for thoroughness. Beyond the note learning we are exploring, in greater detail, the interpretation of our music, so that our performances can develop, evolve and be unique to us.

Each concert is a showcase of our ability and where our reputation is built. The next concert therefore s always the most important to us.

We are continually looking to the future because the greater our success the greater should be our ambition. Sharing the concert platform with internationally renowned musicians is a huge boost to our ego. We look for more of that in the future.

Recently we have welcomed Val Littledike onto the team as a voice coach. She brings a wealth of ability and experience and her input is bound to make a difference.

Success is being the best that we can be, so that our music making gives us a sense of pride in our achievements and delights our audiences.

Finally, never underestimate the tool we work with. Music has power– ‘the gift beyond compare’.

We may never set the world on fire but we are fanning the flames in West Yorkshire.