The Newsletter Summer 2009

The newsletter was handed over to me 5 years ago by David Haigh who originally set it up with Dave Illingworth. I naively assumed it was therefore a choir thing. It isn’t.

It’s purely a personal project.

I asked for contributors 5 years ago. I offered pints of beer for letters. Thank you to those that have. Good personal profiles have usually been followed by a request to write something else, and thanks again to all those who have.

I didn’t do a newsletter last Christmas. I received one phone call and three polite enquiries.

I’ve spoken to lots of you informally. You invariably say, “It’s a good thing.” But I rarely see it in writing.

It’s what we’re like and it’s charming. We are a volunteers and adults, organised by consent and fellowship. We don’t need to be told off like children to achieve results. However, as with most of the choir administration, there is a large silent majority.

It’s hard work. Freely and fondly given. But is it really needed?

We all have to be clear why we think “It’s a good thing”. If it was for sale, would you buy it?

Once the purpose is apparent, is the finished article fit for that purpose? Format, content?  I know the photographs are very popular.

Follow that by asking yourself “What can I do to help?”

What I could do with is a good pr man – someone who will sell the newsletter. I’m the shy retiring literary editor, not the cheerleader.