The State of New Mill News (2006)

Thanks to all our contributors. I’m a tad nervous asking for your work, but it’s great when the articles start to come in and even greater when we can begin to see the shape of the magazine. Thanks again.

The articles about concerts record some of the choir’s history, and well written they are too. But even guest writers can only be fresh about Myvanwy and Gwahoddiad a limited number of times. We’re not going to phase them out, but there will be fewer of them.

New ideas will replace them, like the one coming from John originally, to have profiles of pieces of music. We’ve started with the choir repertoire, but this could expand to any song, singer or composer. Note Steve’s biography of Paul Robeson.

The sectional contributions and chorister profiles are excellent and the photographs seem to generate interest. We will introduce more local musical personalities and guest music authors.

To all those of you with 300-500 words you would otherwise waste on something else – we are still open for business.

Concerts and Willard White.  It seems to me that we are in danger of forgetting some important lessons learned from Willard White. We performed and knew it and swaggered in the afterglow. I’m not suggesting we get cocky if that is politically correct these days, but if we don’t do these sorts of gigs regularly, the memory of how confident we became will fade. No doubt we will get ‘up’ for the next one, whenever that happens, but do our fans deserve a bit more swagger in the meantime?

Confidence comes from practice. If a little of the choir’s disposable income were to finance sectionals with a ‘pro’, would we all go? The other thing is ticket sales. Is it realistic to expect concerts to be sold out solely through choir members? What did Andy Johnston and his group learn from Willard White that is transferrable to the more routine concert? No one is suggesting we have a mammoth effort for every gig we do, but where has the learning gone?

Apologies to John Mallinson. I called him Atkinson in the last issue. He hasn’t spoken to me since.