Who is Dyce 2?

Complete in themselves but interrelated

since 1994

(1) quest, to join them, crisis ID, making sense

(2) journey and return – spiritual meritocrat, professional by virtue of passing exams, socially challenged, continuous identity crisis, difficulty managing ambiguity, (waterloo, med training, consultant, casuals). As seen through where were you?

Dyce never good enough and never believed it when praised

never took advice so blundered on regardless

left core support behind

falling out with authority figures

forever moving on v staying in one job/town

ambitious for praise/reward v. staying true to core belief (conflict with family)

messy, mistakes, illogical, unsocial hours, cynicism, grumpy, faithful to subordinates


in professional life above the law and get away with things. Not so socially.

professionally competent, hard-working, seeking the best for clients/customers/service-users

honest, blunt, uncomfortable with privilege and unearned success, being above the law, strong sense of them and us