Discovery – Dad’s Ellis worksheet

dad's card

This looks like the top page of a longer file. Dated August 1949. Courtesy of Richard Ellis from a local furniture company (Ellis link). We discussed dad at a recent Almondbury Casuals CC meet and thanks to Richard for this worksheet.

Family history suggests that dad did not return to his pre-war job and this is clearly not true. This sheet is some sort of final statement, prior to leaving for the Yorkshire Electricity Board where he worked until his retirement. He talked mostly about his war years in India – the pay corps. He was pensioned off with duodenitis, an illness which dogged him. I think it was an ulcer – he would spend days in bed during a flare. We don’t know why he didn’t have surgery. Possibly mixed up with recurring depression. It ran it’s course and his health as an older person was good.

He was a wood-carver and attended night school in retirement. Possibly a legacy of working for a furniture company.




For many years, this shield hung on a wall down at Mill Hill hospital in Huddersfield.

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